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Registered Trademark infringement notice!

Due to illegal usage of the registered trademarks Reptile Party ®, Snakeman ®, Snakebusters ®, Reptile Parties ® and others by an inexperienced imitator named Nicholas Petropolous, as well as countless false and defematory statements made by this man online to divert our clients to unsafe alternatives, we have seized full legal ownership and control of this internet domain.
Our action follows on from a failed attempt by Mr. Petropolous to register a duplicate Snakebusters trademark in direct breach of Australian law.
Our action in taking ownership and control this web domain will help stop our established clients being scammed and diverted to unsafe wildlife displays conducted by persons who do not comply with the law.
The actions by this serial law-breaker and his cohort of criminals (including fake Facebook identities) have also undermined the globally recognized critically important wildlife conservation work done by the Snakeman Raymond Hoser and the dedicated team at Snakebusters ®, Melbourne Reptile Shows ® Reptile Parties ® and the Melbourne Snake Catcher ® .
Further details about this cohort of law-breakers and their criminal activities can be found on the link below.
Reptile Party ® Scammer warning!
For Australia's only Reptile Party ® shows , phone us on
(Melbourne) 0412-777-211.
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For our full legal statement see the link at the bottom of the page.


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Full Legal Statement: Reptile Parties ®, Snakebusters®, Hands on®, Australia's best reptiles®, Snake Man®, Raymond Hoser®, see here

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